Monthly Archives: December 2008

Red Card What?

So, there I am reading the headlines in Yahoo! Sport and there is a title for “Player sets unwanted record with three-second dismissal”, so of course I have to click it to

Bat in the House

2:30AM – I was woken up by a flap-flap-whoosh, there was a bat swooping about our room.  I woke JoAnn, and then I grabbed an LED flashlight and shone it at the

Boxing Day Blues

OK, so I’m now working through the Boxing Day Blues (wikipedia: Boxing Day), having done the gifts and all yesterday.  And it is only so many hours that one can go without

Christmas Day 2008 – part 2

Charlotte got a bunch of stuff from Santa.  She was so tuckered out she is now down for a nap!

Christmas Day 2008

Good Morning and Blessings to you and your families on this special day.  In a small town in a manger was laid a new born child who would be called Immanuel, Lamb

Come Santa, Come!

Well, after playing the Call of Duty: World at War this morning for a while, and getting my butt seriously handed to be but what I’m sure was a 12 year old

Getting into it…

…with this WordPress stuff.  I’ve added some new plugins that will allow some cooler stuff on the front end of the site.  And I’m moving the main domain to point to the

Soft keys for Android

Looks like this is coming in January!  Can’t wait…

Home from Target

We are home from Target. There was many folks out, and they all become morrons when they is the smallest amount of snow on the road!

38th Wedding Anniversary

So, it’s now been snowing for about 24-hours and we have had about 10-inches.  It’s still snowing, and the forecast is for continued snow through the day and into the evening.  It