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TEAM Charlotte: Fundraiser Update

Announced today are the pricing for the Team Charlotte Fundraiser, that will be held at Spare Time Bowling Alley, 166 Saratoga Ave (US Route 9), South Glens Falls, NY on Saturday, March 21, 2009

TEAM Charlotte Fundraiser: March 21

The fundraiser event to show support for Charlotte and her family has been announced. SAVE THE DATE: March 21, 2009 Come join the fun and show your support for Charlotte and her family. Receive 2

CHARLOTTE UPDATE: Headed back to Albany Med

Well, Charlotte didn’t drink anything again today.    And didn’t eat anything apart from a single spoonful of breakfast cereal, and then some mandarin orange slices in the afternoon. We called the

CHARLOTTE UPDATE: Re-hydration at Albany Med

Well, Charlotte had not really drunk anything since Sunday, so this was starting to concern both of us.  She was also constipated and had not had a messy diaper since Sunday morning. 

CHARLOTTE UPDATE: February 15, 2009

Sorry for the lack of updates since the middle of the week.  JoAnn and I have both been sending updates to from our cellphones, so hopefully everybody that has FaceBook and

Charlotte Update, Surgery and Recovery: Day 3

Dear Family and Friends! So… another up and down day.  Very emotional.  The day started with Mommy pulling the overnight shift, giving Daddy the time to grab about 6 hours of sleep. 

Charlotte Update, Surgery and Recovery: Day 1

Dear Family and Friends! Some of you may have seen this information previously in the day (on Facebook, blog, e-mail, SMS, or one of the other multitude of ways we all communicate).