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Charlotte Update: Sunday on New Blood

On Saturday evening, Charlotte got a transfusion of one unit of blood.  She then had some blood drawn at 4am on Sunday morning, with the counts going from 6.something and this had

TEAM Charlotte: Fundraiser

Thank you to all who came to the TEAM Charlotte Fundraiser Benefit.  What a complete success, and a huge THANK YOU must go out to Lois and Rick Melito.  You are truely two of the

TEAM Charlotte: Fever, Inpatient, and a Missed Benefit

Well, here we are… Sitting in a private room in D7North Ward of the Children’s Hospital at Albany Medical Center.  This all started about 20-hours ago, about midnight on Thursday night.  Charlotte

Parking Lot Issues

I saw this on the Yahoo! Video site this afternoon and just had to post it.  You have to just simply wonder about some folks that get behind the wheel of a

TEAM Charlotte: New Guestbook

We have added a guestbook to the blog which will allow visitors to the website leave messages for both Charlotte or Mommy and Daddy (or all of us!) You can reach this new

CHARLOTTE UPDATE: Second Round of Chemotherapy

We are now home from a long weekend at Albany Medical Center.  We checked in on Thursday evening to get Charlotte started on hydration.  Daddy did the night-shift, allowing Mommy to get

White Chocolate Keyboard Bar

I saw this on the Gizmodo blog that I read.  They where sort of making fun of it, but I think this is great.  I really want one 

Daddy Shaves His Head

Well, it’s Tuesday and Charlotte started to loose her hair last night.  I had always said that if Charlotte lost her hair, then I would shave my head.  So… today at lunch,

TEAM Charlotte: Dr. Kathy Braico of Adirondack Pediatrics

A number of folk have asked how Charlotte’s cancer was diagnosed, so I have added a page to the TEAM Charlotte website that explains this a little more, and gives thanks to