Monthly Archives: April 2009

AHL Back in Glens Falls Today the American Hockey League (AHL) announced that they had approved the move of the Philidelphia Phantoms to Glens Falls, starting for the 2009-10 season. HOME TOWN HOCKEY IS BACK! We have season tickets reserved! 

The Cat and the Fawn

I have seen some funny animal videos, but this one takes the top prize.  

Hot Dog!

This is the definative "hot dog" – Love it! Found this one courtesy Dan Byron, who got it from

Home Town Hockey

The owners of the Philadelphia Phantoms are looking at moving the team to Glens Falls next season.  We have already put down for season tickets, and having home town hockey back in

FAIL: Locked in a car

Sometimes you simply just have to wonder, then shake your head and keep on living your live as a genius! WOW!

FAIL: Identification

Repost from – Ooh, I’m twenty-one, really I am… 

FAIL: Spoiler

Repost from – where do I get one of these!  LOL

TEAM Charlotte: Songs of Love

When Charlotte’s condition was first diagnosed we came across a charity called Songs of Love ( that have singer/songwriters who work with them to create original songs for critically and terminally ill

TEAM Charlotte: Last Chemo Session

Today was the last chemo day!  YAAY!  We are all done, and most importantly, Charlotte is done and has been the complete warrior during this time. We got to the clinic at

TEAM Charlotte: Last Chemo Cycle

We arrived back at Albany Medical Center last night for what we understood to be Charlotte’s third of four chemotherapy cycles.  By about 9pm she was hooked up to the hydration drip,