Monthly Archives: August 2009

Day out at Adirondack Animal Land

We spent a great few hours at Adirondack Animal Land  out near Broadalbin this afternoon.  Charlotte loved all the animals.  Please enjoy the slideshow below of our fun day out!

New T-Mobile Commercial: myTouch 3G

Whoopi I’d have thought had an iPhone… Phil Jackson a Blackberry… Jesse James, well I’m not sure, maybe an Andoird!

FAIL: Hockey Jersey

I bet he was not expecting that to happen…

PSA: Texting While Driving

Extremely graphic and powerful PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT

Mark Teixeira on Letterman

(HQ) Mark Teixeira on Letterman 2009.08.24 (note: sorry, YouTube has removed this video… so much for over the air signals!)

Great Escape at Six Flags: The Great Escape

On Thursday – Toby’s 35th Birthday – we went to Six Flags: The Great Escape in Lake George, NY.  This was a “Great Escape” Day Out with Starlight Children’s Foundation. We had

Saturday at home with the Girls

Saturday morning – Charlotte watching Playhouse Disney – JoAnn paying some bills and Facebooking – Toby doing some coding… Sometime today we will be putting up the new shutters on the house…

Strange Behavior with WordPress Pagination, Fix

I was creating a custom theme for a website that I work on – – and I was getting some strange behavior with the default WordPress pagination. Using the standard code,

The deck is complete…

The deck is finally done, and we planted a rose garden in front… Looking good!