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ColdFusion 9 running on Apache using WampServer

I have created a detailed step-by-step to help you setup Adobe ColdFusion on a Windows machine using WampServer with Apache as the web server. This is what I use for a development

Family Reunion: Catskills Train Ride

On Saturday, July 17, we went to a Family reunion for the children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren (Charlotte!) of John and Doris Lamos.  This was a great time and we saw so

Charlotte’s Artwork

Charlotte drew this picture of Daddy today!

Toronto Police get in on the World Cup action

This is pretty funny… re-blogged from

Out of Africa

Love this. ┬áMy brother sent it to me in an e-mail – sorry that I don’t know who did it, but thanks! My beloved England have shown the world that we can