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Fraiku Friday

This week the topic for Friday Haiku’s at Mannix Marketing was “playground”.  I wasn’t sure I was going to make it as I had a lunch appointment, so I went in empty

Fraiku Friday!

This weeks Haiku fun at Mannix Marketing was on the subject “Fall”.   I came up with three ditty’s this time. Haiku 1 Green to Golden Brown, Colors mixing become the palette of the

Gmail 400 Error Bad Request

This evening I was getting a 400 Error Bad Request after logging into Gmail.   I’m not sure what was up, but I cleared my browser cache and cookies and still nothing.

Google Analytics as External JavaScript in WordPress

A pet peeve of mine — and yes I’m also guilty of it sometimes — is JavaScript on a web page.  There are a number of reasons not to do this, the most is Sorry – What a Joke!

Beware the Domain Giant, for the Domain Giant will step on you and you will be no more! Yes, that’s right folks. was hacked on Monday, September 10, 2012, and has

Fraiku Friday!

Every Friday lunchtime at the main Mannix Marketing office in Glens Falls, NY a bunch of the team members get together to partake in a little poetry fun with Fraiku Friday – Haiku on

My Site Got Hacked! Redirecting to — What Now?

I’m embarrassed to say that a site I host was recently hacked and any request coming from a search engine was being redirected to a less then desirable location. I thought that I’d share what happened