Common LoonWell, after playing the Call of Duty: World at War this morning for a while, and getting my butt seriously handed to be but what I’m sure was a 12 year old gaming punk, we decided to make a run to Hallmark and Hannaford. It was a little crazy out and there was many folks in Hanaford.

In Hallmark I was just minding my own beeswax and came across this Common Loon Adirondack mug, and it simply just felt right to hold it up and display with my common loon mug!

Oh the joy of the cellphone camera and the ability to post to the social networks!

Afterwards, we drove to Granny and Poppa’s house to say hi (we are going there tomorrow for Christmas lunch and games). I was good to stop in, and Charlotte has many presents there. Christmas looks like it will be a good time!

So, on that note, “Come Santa, come!” Our chimney is open and we are ready for you to stop by to bring gifts to our kin.

Additionally, I’d like to remind you all that even in this time of merchantile greed and free market economy, the REASON FOR THE SEASON is the Christ child, God’s gift to us. Cherish this and know that agape love is from Him!