2:30AM – I was woken up by a flap-flap-whoosh, there was a bat swooping about our room. I woke JoAnn, and then I grabbed an LED flashlight and shone it at the rodent to attempt to drive it back into the living room. This caused it to fly into Charlotte’s room! I was able to hold the bat at bay with the flashlights beam – he hid on the curtains – until JoAnn had managed to rescue Charlotte!

I called Adirondack Dundee (Craig) – www.adirondackdundee.com – who asked if he could call me back when we was able to wake up. He apparently fell asleep again (which he apologized for later), so didn’t call me back until about 4:30AM.

At this time I told him that the bat was in a closed room and that it wasn’t necessary that he come right away, so we arranged that he come in the morning.

The Bat9:00AM – Craig arrived and walked into Charlotte’s room and was out within 30-secs. The animal was very lethargic, and he put it in his now empty Stewart’s Store coffee cup!

So after the capture, Craig and I walked around the outside of the house, and he pointed out possible entry points, and said that the bats had actually been in the house for a number of months. I say bats here because after going into the attic he said that there is a paternal nest of 5 or 6 bats. Thankfully there is no dropping mess to clean up in the attic.

So as a conclusion, seal your gaps and stop the bats!

What a fun start to the weekend.