Well, Charlotte didn’t drink anything again today. 🙁   And didn’t eat anything apart from a single spoonful of breakfast cereal, and then some mandarin orange slices in the afternoon.

We called the clinic again from Granny and Poppa’s house when we went to pick her up, and the on-call doctor said we need to be at the clinic at 8:30am so they can get a fix for this.  We will stay in the Ronald McDonald House overnight, since on Friday we have normal clinic appointment (this may obviously change if we are going in tomorrow).

My main concern is that since she is not passing poop, and not peeing that she still has chemo drugs in her, and without drinking anything those are not getting flushed.  So how long is it before something else possibly get’s damaged?  Will have to ask that tomorrow.

Anyway, she is in bed now, and JoAnn and I are headed that way shortly.  Tomorrow will be another long day! xxx