Well, here we are… Sitting in a private room in D7North Ward of the Children’s Hospital at Albany Medical Center.  This all started about 20-hours ago, about midnight on Thursday night.  Charlotte woke up in a sweat, had a fever (101.9 F) and wouldn’t go back to sleep.  In the morning JoAnn called the Oncology Clinic and they said for us to come in immediately.  We had a scheduled appointment for Friday afternoon, for blood work, but they wanted us down here right away.

Granny came over with their car, and we drove down, arriving at about 9:45am.  They drew some blood, and at that time Char’s temp was about 101 still.  When the blood work came back the results where that both white cells and red cells were down.  The white is concerning as this does not allow her to fight of infections, and because of this she is listed as "Neutrapaenic" and is required to have a individual room.  If she goes outside the room, she must wear a mask.  The red count is low also, and because of this it is possible that she will need a transfusion.  This is not 100% certain at this point, but this is a possible treatment for tomorrow, once Dr. Pearce has seen her again.

Anyway, she is now fast asleep.  We think that her fever may have broken (this is yet to be determined), but for now she is at least resting comfortably.  This is better than any time in th last 24-hrs…

All of this sadly means that she and JoAnn will have to miss the benefit fundraiser that is taking place tomorrow.  This is sad, but Charlotte’s health is obviously our number one concern and priority.  Toby will still attend as the family representative.  Since so many folks are going to be coming out, it is only right for one of us to be there.

Char has to stay for at least 48-hrs without signs of a fever, so the earliest we will leave will be Sunday afternoon.  It is possible that we will be here until Monday.