We arrived back at Albany Medical Center last night for what we understood to be Charlotte’s third of four chemotherapy cycles.  By about 9pm she was hooked up to the hydration drip, and when Mommy and Daddy left to go to Ronald McDonald House for the night, Charlotte was asleep soon thereafter.  Granny stayed with Char in the hospital.

Anyway, this morning, Christina, one of the RN from the clinic came to see us and told us that this was going to be our last chemo cycle!  YAAY!  This is absolutely outstanding news that we are overwhelmed to here.

They will also be administering Neulasta to this cycle, as she was sick during the last cycle.  This is to help increase the white cells during chemo treatment, thus helping combat infections.  This is being done as a precaution because Char ended up in the hospital with the fever, and needed the new blood two weeks ago.

Char is getting ready for her morning nap, Granny has left to go to the RMH, and Mommy and Daddy are rejoicing in the momment! 🙂

Thank you to all for prayer and thoughts, notes of love and gifts of love!  We appreciate all of you.