We arrived at the Washington County Fairgrounds, just outside Greenwich, NY at the start of a glorious, sunny August afternoon. This was the first county fair that we’d been to as Four Peas in a Pod, and we were all very excited about what we would see and do.

One of the first things we did was to see some horses and bulls in a tent right next to the entrance. There were some huge Clydesdale horses as well as some smaller breeds. We then moved on to visit the pigs, foul and rabbits. These all captivated both Charlotte and Lucy, and we came away laughing about the ducklings plunging down the slide in a playful way. We were all amazed at the number and variety of types of chicken there are, as well as the varying number of rabbits.

From there we moved on to the games and rides section of the fair, obviously some of the more attractive points are found here – who doesn’t like a good fairground ride?

Charlotte and Toby went on several rides, now that she is pushing 45-inches. Lucy was able to go on a number of ride, including a little Ferris wheel which she enjoyed with her sister.

We then went to find some fair food: Giant Turkey leg for Toby, cheese-fries for JoAnn – Charlotte and Lucy both had some of mommy’s cheese-fries. We also got a Maple milkshake for JoAnn, a Strawberry Cheesecake milkshake for Toby, and Charlotte had Chocolate Cheesecake Ice Cream…

Next up was the Pig Racing – sponsored by Toby’s employer Mannix Marketing, Inc.‘s Saratoga.com website. This was quite entertaining to watch, and it also included some Wiener Dog Racing too.

We started to round out the afternoon with a visit to the Sheep Barn to see many types to sheep including Icelandic and Cotswold breeds. There was also a number of types of goat.

Rounding out the day we stopped to buy Charlotte a Pink Cowgirl Hat. She wanted boots too, but this will have to wait for next time!

One added thought was a real surprise to me, and this was how clean the fair grounds where. After a week of the public coming and going there was no trash on the ground and the bathrooms were clean. I believe that this is a real win for the organizers!

This was a fun and enthralling way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Top marks to the Washington County Fair!