Every Friday lunchtime at the main Mannix Marketing office in Glens Falls, NY a bunch of the team members get together to partake in a little poetry fun with Fraiku Friday – Haiku on Friday!

This week was my first real go. And it was fun…

First a little disclaimer: When I was 10 years old I was diagnosed with dyslexia. I have struggled with things like written word and reading for all my life, and in the years before the discovery of this disability I found school very difficult as learning with total effort and no achievement was difficult at best; then being bullied for being stupid, well we don’t have to go there right now. Even the teachers through I was lazy, which compounded on the thoughts of the other children. Most have seen Harry Potter, so you have an idea of boarding school!

Now, onto my poetry! This weeks subject was “football” – nobody succeeded in telling be the type of football – I came up with two on short notice, so here goes…

Haiku #1

Bend it like Beckham.
Shoot the ball around the line;
Goal! Ball in the net!

Haiku #2

Stop. Start. Stop. Start. Stop.
Can you not run for ninety?
Give blood, play rugby!

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