I’ve been thinking about my journey into photography and this being placed on hiatus because my Rebel has had a mechanical issue with the shutter. I speculate that we got some sand in the case when in The Bahamas last year on our family cruise, even though we were desperately careful to protect this from happening. I am looking at a visit to Ray Supply right here in Queensbury to figure out what we can do and how much it will cost to fix.

While this is all mulling around in my head I have been using StumbleUpon to keep up with my reading about photography, and I recently came across this nice cheat sheet for shutter speed.

Shutter Speed Photography

Image Credit: http://ceriousproductions.com/cheatsheet-roundup-use-camera/

This is a good little cheat sheet giving the shutter speed and the typical use. The author, Michael Cerdeiros, has done a wonderful job detailing which speed setting should be used for what subject matter.

I have bookmarked this one, Thumbs Up in StumbleUpon.