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Tiger with a bite, part 2

So, the Cigar Guy has become an overnight Internet hit.  The amazing photo that I posted yesterday with Tiger Woods duffing a ball into the lens of a photographer as this chap

Perhaps this is the meaning of life?

Being a Guinness lover this is great.  I think the folks in Dublin should take not and make this into a marketing campaign.  Fantastic!

Toronto Police get in on the World Cup action

This is pretty funny… re-blogged from

xkcd: Trade Expert

I love this… It so bugs me when they do this on the news, or weather, or where ever!!! From: xkcd: Trade Expert

Google Navigation FAIL

So today, Google delighted all the Android 1.6 “Donut” users by releasing the Google Maps with Navigation app.  Of course, this was downloaded immediately onto the phone.  This evening at home, while

Stumbling the World Wide Web

So I was doing some more Stumbling ( this morning, and found some amazing photos. This is an old video, but still makes be laugh!  Will it get me to Aldershot?  LOL

Hot Dog!

This is the definative "hot dog" – Love it! Found this one courtesy Dan Byron, who got it from

FAIL: Identification

Repost from – Ooh, I’m twenty-one, really I am… 

FAIL: Spoiler

Repost from – where do I get one of these!  LOL