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Fix the width for Jetpack Tiled Galleries

One of the best features of the updated Jetpack by plugin is the Tiled Galleries where you can create elegant magazine-style mosaic layouts for your photos without having to use an

My Site Got Hacked! Redirecting to — What Now?

I’m embarrassed to say that a site I host was recently hacked and any request coming from a search engine was being redirected to a less then desirable location. I thought that I’d share what happened

NameCheap Shared Hosting shell_exec() error message

I ran into an issue in the last couple of days on Shared Hosting while using the WordPress Plugin named backwpup. I noticed that the last few days backups have given

NameCheap Shared Hosting & Remote MX

I ran into an issue this week with a site I have hosted at on their shared hosting plans. has seen it fit to: “disabled sending any emails with the

jQuery goToByScroll()

This was a little JS snippet that was passed to me by a co-worker at Mannix Marketing, Inc. that allows you to build the UI into a scrolling page. Get the code…

Simple Tabs w/ CSS & jQuery

Well, since has been down for a while, I have lost access to some great resources. No fear, I have managed to get most of them back from – but what

Conversion to HTML5 Experiment

This morning, while the girls were napping, I took advantage of this time to take a first sincere look at HTML5 and attempted to recreate the theme of this website using HTML5

Setting up a FrontPage Site and got this error…

DISCLAIMER: FrontPage Server Extensions is not my choice in this project.  The end-user has Microsoft Expression Web, so this is how the site is being done.

Using TortoiseGit and Dreamweaver

We have bee using Git to some extent at work (Mannix Marketing, Inc.) for a while, and I though that it was high time that I start to do the same at

Best Method for Email Obfuscation?

I came across this great tutorial from Perishable Press that demonstrates some really cool methods for E-Mail Obfuscation – that is the concealment of intended meaning in communication, or making an e-mail address