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Supercharge Your WordPress Development – Part 1

For WordPress development I normally use a local development environment utilizing either XAMPP or WAMP.  I then push my files and database to the remote server where the website is hosted. There

My Site Got Hacked! Redirecting to — What Now?

I’m embarrassed to say that a site I host was recently hacked and any request coming from a search engine was being redirected to a less then desirable location. I thought that I’d share what happened

NameCheap Shared Hosting shell_exec() error message

I ran into an issue in the last couple of days on Shared Hosting while using the WordPress Plugin named backwpup. I noticed that the last few days backups have given

Encode Email Address in WordPress Posts with a Shortcode

Placing an email address into a page is not a good idea in this day and age – actually for a number of years now – where harvest bots are trolling the

ColdFusion 9 running on Apache using WampServer

I have created a detailed step-by-step to help you setup Adobe ColdFusion on a Windows machine using WampServer with Apache as the web server. This is what I use for a development

Force WordPress to use the Latest Version of jQuery

I was looking for a way to override the default version of jQuery that is being used in WordPress 2.9x and I came across this article that explains how to do this.

Strange Behavior with WordPress Pagination, Fix

I was creating a custom theme for a website that I work on – – and I was getting some strange behavior with the default WordPress pagination. Using the standard code,

PHP: PEAR Library and Plesk

I was having an issue with setting up PEAR Library with PHP on my Linux box that runs Plesk, so after some research and a little help from the support team at