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10 drugs not to take whilst driving

FAIL: Hockey Jersey

I bet he was not expecting that to happen…

The Cat and the Fawn

I have seen some funny animal videos, but this one takes the top prize.  

FAIL: Locked in a car

Sometimes you simply just have to wonder, then shake your head and keep on living your live as a genius! WOW!

Parking Lot Issues

I saw this on the Yahoo! Video site this afternoon and just had to post it.  You have to just simply wonder about some folks that get behind the wheel of a

Shanghai Noon

So i’m thinking that she is doing some serious damage to the vehcile, but this is one way to try to avoid the towing fees! From

Darth Vader Goes to Church

I have to say that when I opened this up on, I laughed to hard that JoAnn had to ask what it was all about!