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Parentology with Paula – Charlotte’s Story

This morning, Charlotte’s Story aired on channel CW15 Albany on the Parentology with Paula show. We had been interviewed by show reporter Aliz Koletas toward the end of February, in what was

Lucinda Violet Dawes

JoAnn and I are proud and happy to announce the arrival of Lucinda Violet Dawes.  She was born on Saturday, August 14, 2010 and Glens Falls Hospital.  She weighed in at 7lbs

TEAM Charlotte: Last Chemo Session

Today was the last chemo day!  YAAY!  We are all done, and most importantly, Charlotte is done and has been the complete warrior during this time. We got to the clinic at

TEAM Charlotte: Last Chemo Cycle

We arrived back at Albany Medical Center last night for what we understood to be Charlotte’s third of four chemotherapy cycles.  By about 9pm she was hooked up to the hydration drip,

Charlotte Update: Sunday on New Blood

On Saturday evening, Charlotte got a transfusion of one unit of blood.  She then had some blood drawn at 4am on Sunday morning, with the counts going from 6.something and this had

TEAM Charlotte: Fever, Inpatient, and a Missed Benefit

Well, here we are… Sitting in a private room in D7North Ward of the Children’s Hospital at Albany Medical Center.  This all started about 20-hours ago, about midnight on Thursday night.  Charlotte

CHARLOTTE UPDATE: Second Round of Chemotherapy

We are now home from a long weekend at Albany Medical Center.  We checked in on Thursday evening to get Charlotte started on hydration.  Daddy did the night-shift, allowing Mommy to get

TEAM Charlotte: Dr. Kathy Braico of Adirondack Pediatrics

A number of folk have asked how Charlotte’s cancer was diagnosed, so I have added a page to the TEAM Charlotte website that explains this a little more, and gives thanks to

CHARLOTTE UPDATE: Headed back to Albany Med

Well, Charlotte didn’t drink anything again today.    And didn’t eat anything apart from a single spoonful of breakfast cereal, and then some mandarin orange slices in the afternoon. We called the

CHARLOTTE UPDATE: Re-hydration at Albany Med

Well, Charlotte had not really drunk anything since Sunday, so this was starting to concern both of us.  She was also constipated and had not had a messy diaper since Sunday morning.