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Using TortoiseGit and Dreamweaver

We have bee using Git to some extent at work (Mannix Marketing, Inc.) for a while, and I though that it was high time that I start to do the same at

ColdFusion 9 running on Apache using WampServer

I have created a detailed step-by-step to help you setup Adobe ColdFusion on a Windows machine using WampServer with Apache as the web server. This is what I use for a development

Linux, Hockey and Late Nights

So I’m sitting here waiting for the COL – VAN game to start on the inDemand HD channel, and I decided to start messing around with Linux again in the VirtualBox application.

PHP: PEAR Library and Plesk

I was having an issue with setting up PEAR Library with PHP on my Linux box that runs Plesk, so after some research and a little help from the support team at

Ubuntu on the VM

I fired up the VM server again this evening and got Ubuntu running again.  I really like it, but being restricted to the software that I use on Windows but can’t run