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Angry Birds – 1990 Spoof

This link was sent to me by an associate at work.  Quite amusing for the Angry Birds Fan that I am… Source: http://www.penneydesign.com/folio_im_angrybirds90s.html

Tiger with a bite, part 2

So, the Cigar Guy has become an overnight Internet hit.  The amazing photo that I posted yesterday with Tiger Woods duffing a ball into the lens of a photographer as this chap

Tiger with a bite

I saw this article on Yahoo! Sports, taken from Britain’s Daily Mail.   Apparently the photographer’s camera was hit by a duffed shot from Tiger Woods.  Makes for a great shot though…

xkcd: Trade Expert

I love this… It so bugs me when they do this on the news, or weather, or where ever!!! From: xkcd: Trade Expert

lifehacker.com: DIY Mood-Lighting Wine Bottle [Decorating]

lifehacker.com posted: Two things that always seem to be in surplus around the holidays are empty wine bottles and strands of Christmas lights. Turn the two into a novel lamp with this

Michael Jackson Remix

Fantastic one-man, many parts remix…  Great stuff!

Hot Dog!

This is the definative "hot dog" – Love it! Found this one courtesy Dan Byron, who got it from www.ffffound.com

FAIL: Locked in a car

Sometimes you simply just have to wonder, then shake your head and keep on living your live as a genius! WOW!

FAIL: Identification

Repost from www.failblog.org – Ooh, I’m twenty-one, really I am… 

FAIL: Spoiler

Repost from www.failblog.org – where do I get one of these!  LOL