Today was the last chemo day!  YAAY!  We are all done, and most importantly, Charlotte is done and has been the complete warrior during this time.

We got to the clinic at about 9am and played for a little while before we went into an exam room.  They accessed Charlotte’s port, and drew some blood, then gave her the last Vincristine dose.  Daddy then walked the blood down to the lab.  We all went back to the playroom while we waited on the blood results to come back.

Charlotte’s numbers looked great, and her AFP was now down to 40.

The schedule for the next few months will be a regular blood test after chemo, then in 3-4 weeks she will have a sedated CT Scan and an ultrasound.  After we return from our June trip to Ireland, Wales and Enland she will have the port removed.  Then every 3-months we will need to return for blood-work.

After clinic, we went up to D7N to visit Colbie.  She was getting ready to go into surgery to have better feeding tubes put in.  What a sweet little girl, and such a warrior!

As we were leaving D7N we stopped and said hi to a bunch of nurses and doctors that we’d got to know over the last couple of months.  We then went to the Ronald McDonald House to visit with Debbie (the House Manager), and her puppy, Dixie!  Debbie is so nice, and we brought her the t-shirts that she had ordered.  She let Charlotte go to the Toy Closet again, and Char picked out a Tea Set (with a little help from Mommy!)

When we all got home, Granny cut Charlotte’s hair, so that it is now all even.  This is so that when her hair starts to grow back it will not be mixed in with the stringy hair that was left after chemo made the rest fall out.  She was such a good girl while Granny did this, and didn’t fuss at all.  Granny then made her a bandana that she wore most of the evening!

We all went out to dinner at Disha Masala Indian in Lake George to celebrate birthdays for Granny and Mommy, and to celebrate Charlotte’s last chemoterapy!