Saturday morning – Charlotte watching Playhouse Disney – JoAnn paying some bills and Facebooking – Toby doing some coding…

Sometime today we will be putting up the new shutters on the house… Home improvement is never-ending… but the satisfaction of improving ones own property is fantastic… I love living here, and I love working on the house!

Granny and Poppa are headed to Denver and then Estes Park tomorrow.  I have to drop them at Albany Airport at 7AM, so will have to get up at 5:30AM… I’ll have to pick them up on Friday too, some time after 11:30PM.

My birthday is coming up on Thursday.  35 – wow, I’m really going to be 35… We are headed to The Great Escape for the day, thank you to The Starlight Foundation.  Gramma and Grampa will be joining us, so it should be a fun day.  We know that Charlotte will have a blast.

Charlotte is saying many words, stringing many together.  She is completely a sponge at age 25-months.  It is amazing to me as her father to see the daily change in her and see her growing so fast.  Just today she moved up to the next size diapers (nappies).  Change is a good thing, but no matter how excited I am with her growth and seeing her develop, with each change I miss my little girl from the day before.