AIR, the Adobe Integrated Runtime, is part of the Adobe Flash platform that allows you to build and deploy a RIA (Rich Internet application) that will work the same whether you are on a Windows 7 machine, Windows XP, Apple Mac, and hopefully soon, the Android mobile phone platform.

This evening I decided to investigate AIR development a little, and I have created my first AIR App. I have named it “F1 Standings” as that is exactly what it is. Displays the current Formula 1 Driver and Team Standings.

You can download it here. You will need to install Adobe AIR to run this app.

Basically this app fires off an AJAX call to my home CF8 server where the data is gathered for either the Driver Standings or Team Standings, and then that process returns the data to the app, displaying the data on the screen.

Please comment with your feed back, and YES I know this is a very simply app. It’s meant to be!