Lucinda Violet Dawes

JoAnn and I are proud and happy to announce the arrival of Lucinda Violet Dawes.  She was born on Saturday, August 14, 2010 and Glens Falls Hospital.  She weighed in at 7lbs 1.3oz, was 19 inches long, and was simply just perfect!

Just Minutes Old
Proud Mommy and Daughter
Daddy and Daughter
My three ladies!

9 thoughts on “Lucinda Violet Dawes

    • Thanks Brin! She is adorable, and Charlotte was so great. Both are napping, and Jo and I are trying to get some final things set that we didn't get done last week, but that happens when the baby comes a week early.

  1. We are blessed by the safe arrival of Lucy she is perfect…. Charlotte has been so good no fuss or bother about it all, taking it all in her stride…… she is just excited and happy….busy times ahead for the family now….

    • Romy, thank you for your kind words. She was such a blessing and a delight to see and hold. She is the perfect little thing, and such a blessing to be given a gift like this, God is Great! Charlotte is doing so well too, and that is another fantastic blessing. :)